Water Mixable Oil Painting Introduction

Water Mixable Oil Paints Offers The Ideal Blend Between Traditional Oils & Acrylic Paints

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Water Mixable Oil Paints Offer The Best Of Traditional Oils & Acrylics

It's true ... Water Mixable Oil Paints offer the best of both traditional oil paints and acrylic paints.

After months of experimenting with Water Mixable Oil Paints, and using them to prepare for an up coming solo exhibition, I am now convinced that they are an ideal alternative for both beginner to intermediate artists alike.

Traditional oils have always been my favourite medium.

They are luscious and buttery out of the tube, and break down into a smooth easy to manipulate paint. When you know how to use traditional oil paints you can produce some amazing results which is why they have been used for decades by some of the greatest artists of all time.

BUT ... traditional oil paints have a huge downside. The solvents tend to be highly toxic and dangerous for your health, they stink the house out, and they are messy to clean up with :(

For those reasons I switched to Acrylic paints.

The great thing about acrylic paints is they are less toxic and much easier to clean up.

BUT ... lots of our students at the Learn To Paint Academy struggle with acrylic paints because they dry way to fast to allow for blending, and they dry darker than when applied which makes them challenging to work back into.

Enter Water Mixable Oil Paints The Ideal Solution?

Now if you know me then you know I am always trying new things and experimenting.

So because I was frustrated with both traditional oils and acrylics I decided to give Water Mixable Oil Paints a go. And for the last few months that is pretty much all I have painted with. I am currently preparing for a solo exhibition and most of the paintings are going to be using Water Mixable Oil Paints.

At first though I struggled with them.

There were a few key things I needed to learn to get the best results. Things like how much water to use and when, how to work wet into wet for alla prima painting and more.

Having now done a large number of paintings with them I am convinced that they are the ideal medium for those who want the benefits of both traditional oils and acrylics without the downside.

That's why I am certain you will want to join me for the new course ...

Join Me Now In The New Course Water Mixable Oil Paints Introduction

If you are as excited by the possibilities of Water Mixable Oil Paints as I am then you will want to join me in the brand new course.

The new course will be split into two modules.

In Module One I will explain to you everything you need to know about Water Mixable Oil Paints including:

* The advantages of using Water Mixable Oil Paints over traditional oil paints
* How to thin them down using just water and getting the consistency right
* Applying initial washes of colour and getting the paint to flow onto the canvas
* How to work thick over thin with your layers for best effect <<< Important for working Alla Prima
* Blending made easy
* The important thing you need to know about colour mixing with Water Mixable Oil Paints
* Avoiding creating muddy colours
* Using Water Mixable Oil Paints with the Moore Method of Painting
* The basic and expanded colour palette we recommend
* Drying times and understanding the two stage drying process <<< Unique to Water Mixable Oil Paints
* How to clean up easily
* Working back into your painting when the paint is tacky
* And which mediums are available and which should you use

In Module Two we will then do a couple of simple landscapes to demonstrate the working process.

With these demos we will focus on the working method of using thin washes of colour to block in, and then applying thicker paint in layers over the top. When you learn to work in this manner you can transform your work and create some dramatic effects.

These demonstration paintings will also look at one of the big advantages of oils in creating atmosphere and soft lost edges in a painting.

Then in Module Three we will do a larger complete painting project.

In this complete painting project you will get the reference photos to work from so you can paint along with me.

This is where you will see everything come together and it will all fall into place for you.

So are you ready to join in the fun?

Your Instructor

Rod Moore
Rod Moore

Rod Moore - Artist, Art Teacher, Author, Best Selling Art Instructor

Rod Moore is the founder of Moore Art School and the creator of the Moore Method of Painting. He has taught hundreds of students to paint in his one day workshops and more then 30,000 globally through his online courses on learning to paint.

Living in Noosa, Queensland Rod draws his inspiration from the natural beauty of the amazing coast and beaches he is surrounded by, and the breathtaking beauty of the hinterland region.

Rod is the creator and star of two TV shows, Plein Air Painting TV and Yes You Can Paint both 13 episodes. The TV shows have been broadcast around Australia and New Zealand and have been extremely popular with those wanting to learn to paint.

Every week Rod publishes the popular Learn To Paint TV show online. The weekly show demonstrates a complete painting. The full length version is available to members of the Learn To Paint Academy.

He is a full time artist. art teacher and author. His passion is for helping beginners enjoy the magic in learning how to paint and today he is on a mission to help millions of people around the world to experience the joy of painting.

Connect with Rod here:

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